Not all these cats live in my house, but they are all part of my breeding program


Orval Wright des Britis n'ours
known as "Orval"
Red Tabby
carries red, chocolate, colorpoint & dilute
Orval is the friendliest cat you've ever met!  He cuddles with the dog, wrestles with the puppies, and greets each and every visitor who comes to my house.  He is the antithesis of what most people think is the personality of a British Shorthair.
Orval was born in Belgium in 2013


Rawena Reis Gatto deRey
known as "Rowena"
Blue Golden Shaded
carries chocolate, shaded, colorpoint & dilute


Rowena is a shy gal.  She will only let me pet her when she is lounging on the cat tree.  Yet she will keep a close eye on everything that goes on and prefers to be in the same room.
Rowena was born in Russia in 2015